Fluid Sequencer

FLUID is the program that allowed me to write compositions for my kinetic sculpture. The interface allows the user to insert points on a 2D canvas and then create an interpolation between the points. The points are laid out along a timeline representing the position for the robotic arm. My sculpture had 8 degrees of freedom, so there are 8 layers that can be written independently. The app also allowed me to write the desired torque and precision level at each point in time. These values were saved in a file and sent to each microcomputer during playback.

The main workspace is the edit page where the user can insert points in a 2D space by clicking anywhere within the edit boundaries. Once a point is inserted, a spline will automatically be created to link it to the adjacent points. There are multiple interpolation modes between two points and the user can choose between them (Bezier curve, straight line, Catmull-Rom Cubic interpolation, Gaussian (Bell) Shape, Sine, Brownian, Steps or No Interpolation). The video below shows the UI and the main functions (the video has no audio)